Who is Suny?


Suny is a passionate person who has a desire to serve those to maximize their potential in their life, so they can THRIVE.  She made her career in occupational therapy and is experienced in serving the adult population so they can return home at their maximum potential.

Her love for people, health and wellness drove her to develop Thrive with Suny (also known as Fit with Suny). She became a Beachbody Coach and began to serve people in their fitness and nutrition.

When she was diagnosed with diabetes, her eyes were opened even further. No level of education prepared her to turn her life upside down to manage a disease so it wouldn’t manage her. She learned to THRIVE with the help of her family and others. She continue to serve all people through Thrive with Suny but has branched out to reach people like herself, diabetics who have the desire to THRIVE, physically, mentally and spirtually.

What is Suny’s DiaStory?

In the years prior to her diagnosis, she made a concerted effort to lose weight, become active and lead a positive lifestyle. This made her realize, even as a doctorate-level healthcare practitioner, diabetes is much more than just lifestyle, just weight loss, just food. It is all of it, and then some. Sometimes  uncontrolled components like genetics, PCOS (or other co-morbidities) and environmental factors complicate management.

Suny is an advocate for all types of diabetes, and does her best to serve and unite the Diabetes community. If there is a “Type” specific advice she offers, then she makes note, other than that, she believes as a diabetic, and as a professional, she will not divide the community. Everyone’s needs are different, everyone’s challenges are different, no matter the type. She believes in breaking down the walls and stereotypes and uniting to change the health front for ALL diabetics, no matter the type.

How does Suny manage her diabetes?

Suny currently uses an nsulin pump for my basal (background or long-acting) and bolus (short-acting/meal time) insulin needs. She used an Medtronic brand pump is blessed to minimedambassadorhave seen amazing freedom in this treatment option. Her insulin pump has changed her life so much that she is a MiniMed Ambassador. She partners with Medtronic in helping the community learn about life with an insulin pump.

There are hundreds of ways to manage diabetes, and her insulim pump works for her, for right now.  If you aren’t happy with your care, find a team that will make you happy and confident. Be your own advocate! Contact Suny if you need some encouragement.

Do I have to do a Beachbody program for Suny to help me?


No! Suny’s passion is serving people so they can THRIVE. Suny’s passionate about Beachboyd products because they are tools that she uses so she can THRIVE. If you’re interested on how they work, contact her here.

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