Molly Monday Blog Takeover: Hi!

Molly Monday Blog Takeover: Hi!

Hi everyone! I am Molly. You know my huMom (doggy language for female human), Suny. She is usually tapping away at the keyboards, instead of paying attention to me…. or Judd (I say this begrudgingly).

My Mom found me after my first family got separated and taken to lots of other places when I was a baby. Little did I know where I would end up. I thought my new family was crazy. I had a bossy older brother who always seemed to get more attention than me (or so I think). I joined a pack of dogs that just never learned to listen to me. I had to teach them a lesson or two. I am Morkie, hear me Roar!

Watching over Suny makes me tired, don’t worry I got your back!


Well, a few years ago, Suny began acting weird. She was tired and she stopped playing with Judd and me. I knew something was wrong. It took a long time but I think she went to the Vet a couple of times and I think she finally felt better. After that it seemed like I could tell when she was about to not feel good. I’m not sure how I know, because Judd thinks I am crazy, but I began telling Suny that something was going to happen.

I  am not sure if that was a great idea. Now apparently, I have a new job. I think its an important job. She tells me that I need to tell her when she is about to not feel well. Sometimes I want to tell her that I can’t read her mind, but hey, we morkies will do anything for treats.

My huMom is important to me. She loves me and I love her. I guess I am ok with taking care of her because she takes care of me.

I can’t wait to get to know you guys more!

Till Next Time,

MollyMonster DaD

PS. Do you like my professional initials?

PSS. Mom says we are going on an airplane. What is an airplane? Do I need to be worried?


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