My Struggles Lately

My Struggles Lately

We all have moments where we question ourselves. We second guess every decision in every aspect of our lives, even as simple as did I get the right brand of butter? Recently, the burden I have chosen to carry (purely by blind masochistic choice apparently) is that I find myself struggling to share my life with #ThriveNation. I don’t feel worthy or useful to anyone. Truly, my purpose is to encourage anyone walking this journey with me, and right now…. I don’t think I do nor am I worthy of wrapping an arm around someone’s shoulder and walking their journey with them.

When I write that, I read it, and I know my brain thinks its silly, but my heart struggles to accept the truth. I am a believer of the Word of God (ie. Bible). I believe its God breathed and applicable to my daily life. As a result, I really focused my quiet time with God in my *identity* in him. How does GOD view me? Because there is no other importance in this world but his perception of ME. Here is what I found.




My identity, and worth is beyond my own perception. God SEES me as righteous through his Son Christ. I have been meditating on the previous scriptures and particularly 1 Peter 3:3-4.

No matter how hard I try, my hair is a curly mess by the end of the day, my pancreas is dysfunctional and I can’t seem to get food to NOT fall on my clothing at some point throughout the day. I am not full of physical grace, and stumble and trip all the time. But God sees glory and purpose in it all. Who am I to question it?

So, folks, I’m no beauty model, nor a person that will most likely have perfect hair and make up, but I am your sister, and a person who wants to hold you up when you need it. I am a resource, and it would be a blessing to just be there. If it annoys you that I share my life, well, I can’t help it. If I can be an encouragement to ONE person, then my purpose is complete.

We all struggle, and I am not excluded. I thought this may make you chuckle or commiserate, disheveled hair and dysfunctional pancreas and all.

Until next time…

My Sweet Regards,

❤ Suny


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