We are EXPLODING, so I recruited help…

We are EXPLODING, so I recruited help…

Wow. I am so humbled. Humbled isn’t even the word that fits what I am feeling. As of 11:17 AM on June 4, 2016, we have 911 likes on our page. This goes beyond what I even imagined. My heart and soul when creating this page was to create a growing community for diabetics, and those who love them to come together, share ideas and have some fun. I wanted to show what THRIVING with diabetes is like. I wanted to share life with people who understand the good, the bad and the ugly with this disease. NOW I, get to do this with almost 1,000 of you. What can I say?

THANK YOU! Thank you for supporting the mission-that-hasn’t-quite-been-concrete-yet-but-about-to-be-posted of this page and blog.  Thank you for being a part of MY Thrive life.

As a result of the sudden growth (yay!), I needed help. Between my full time job as an occupational therapist, a wellness business owner through Beachbody and an ordinary person with friends and hobbies, I needed help! I did not want to disappoint any of you. That is when I turned to my dear friend Emily.

This is Emily (below), she is as demure, sweet and amazing as she looks. A true friend.


She has been part of my Thrive journey within the first month of my diagnosis. Emily has a heart of gold and a heart for THRIVE. She has her own personal story and I will be proud to have her share it here soon.

Emily will be helping me gather, organize and bring you new content each week. She is the anchor to my insane idea-creating brain. Any post you see on TwD may be from me or her, and you should be excited, because I sure am.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy her heart as much as I do. Welcome to Emily, the Social Media Coordinator! ❤ ❤

As for what is coming ahead of us, look for polls, fun prizes/giveaways and challenges so we can manage this disease and THRIVE!

Thrive On,

❤ Suny


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